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My love 😍 you are so perfect that it’s even hard to believe that you really exist))) Thank you for being only mine. Thank you for always making me feel your one and only. I am so grateful to you for everything that you have brought into my life. Almost 3 years ago it changed and became unforgettable because of you. You are the best that happened to me!))
I love you sooo much ❤️
This week we both got our crowns😂🤪 I love you so much my King😍 Thank you for giving me self-confidence. Thank you for agreeing with my crazy ideas. You are a perfect man and I am so happy that you are mine 😜😍
I admire you and love you forever❤️
I will never feel alone, because I have you❤️ Thank you for always turning my hard days into relaxing ones🥰
Love you more than ever❤️
My King❤️ Thank you for your love, care and for endless hours in private😂 thank you for top1 3 times in a row🙈 every time I think "it’s just unbelievable", but then it becomes even more incredible...the best possible end of the year😍😍😍
I love you so mega much❤️
Thanks for this unforgettable week! Thank you for making me the first Queen of Queens. This is very honorable for me, but even more pleasant is that I did not even expect to be top1 again!
Love you so much, my King of Kings❤️
And special thank you for being your one and only love. I have never met such loyal men. For so long time, only I have a priority for you and you never betrayed me and did not look for others. And I really appreciate that. You also have a special place in my heart. Forever and ever.
You know how to love, you know how to make happy, you know how to keep your promises.
You are always there and always ready to support. You care about me more than about anyone else. You love me so much that you don't even give me a chance to win a love contest.
You, you, you ... who can be better than you? None.
Love you❤️ thank you for everything
I never thought that it is possible to be in the top for 4 weeks in a row, but nothing can stop your crazy princess, you know 🤪😂 thank you for being on my side no matter what. I love you so very much❤️
❤️Da fing mein Leben an, als ich dich liebte❤️
Never will stop loving you💋💋💋
Forgive your spontaneous princess🙈 And thank you for supporting me in any situation, and I am happy that nothing can separate us...neither time, nor distance, nor circumstances.
I love you ❤️ more than ever ❤️